There is an old saying that a diamond is a girl’s best friend which still holds true in this age. Even with the introduction of other types of stones, a diamond still remains a top choice for almost every woman. Having said that, no other gift can be as special than a diamond engagement ring on the day she will commit to her man for life.Engagement rings depict a bond between two people and this is the reason why women feel emotionally attached to it. In order to make this occasion more memorable for the woman of your life, you should go for a diamond ring that is extravagant and conveys your emotions in the purest way possible. This may seem a difficult task but don’t worry, we have compiled 4 suggestions for you.

Diamond Ring with Blue Sapphire

Nothing can be as charming as a shimmering blue sapphire! This elegant solitaire ring features a 1-carat natural blue sapphire fitted in the center of the ring. The blue sapphire is neatly circled by 14 diamonds which gives this engagement ring a very appealing look. The ring is made of white gold with a gleaming finish. One of the best things about this ring is that it compliments any style of dress in sheer elegance. If your finance is wearing this ring in a public place, she will find herself as the center of attraction.Buy Your Here: http://sevencarat.com/listing/484166160/diamond-ring-with-sapphire-blue-sapphire

Filigree Engagement Ring

If you want to buy something special for your loved one, no other ring can be as good as the Filigree Engagement Ring. It has a unique design with an antique feel that makes it ideal for the special occasion. It can be taken as the most romantic symbol of depicting your emotions to the lady of your life. The diamonds are delicately carved into the ring. With its unprecedented design, your woman will fall in love with you again.Buy Yours Here: http://sevencarat.com/listing/554317400/filigree-engagement-ring-diamond

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Vintage

Besides the conventional engagement rings, this pear-shaped ring holds a different value. It is made of 3-gram 14K yellow gold. Although it is specially designed for engagements, it can also be used for other occasions as well such as parties, meetings, and others. The total weight of this ring is 0.45 carat but the fitted design gives a very heavy impression. This engagement ring can make your to-be wife feel the warmth of your love.Buy Yours Here: http://sevencarat.com/listing/517295014/1-carat-diamond-engagement-ring-vintage

Art Deco Heart Engagement Ring

If you are planning to propose soon, this ring can get a yes for you instantly! The main diamond is surrounded by two hearts on the sides that adds a lot of beauty to its overall design. It is a type of ring that can bring a smile of joy to the face of your loved one and take them over the moon of happiness. Besides the main diamond, there are diamonds on the sides of the hearts also. Buy Yours Here: http://sevencarat.com/listing/264504749/art-deco-engagement-ring-heartThese are a few suggestions that you can consider to make the most memorable day of your future wife more special. If you want other suggestions, there are more rings available at sevencarat.com as well. Don’t wait, shop today!   

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